Did you know that 96% of travelers consider guest reviews important
when searching for a hotel?

If you want to maintain a positive online reputation and increase your revenue, it is essential that you care about your guests’ reviews.


Guest Review

Ask your guests to write a review of your hotel

Don’t forget to ask your guests to write a review of your hotel after their stay in your property, especially if they had a wonderful experience. Here are a few options for when to ask for a review:

  • During the check-out process
    You can ask your guests if they had a pleasant experience at your hotel and if they did, let them know how much you appreciate they write a review on your website or on any review site of their choice.
  • In follow-up emails
    If you send an email to your guests to thank them for their stay, you can simply add in your message, a questionnaire or a link to the review page of your website.
  • In your social media channels
    If your guests leave a review on your social media, pay attention to it and be sure to respond.


How to respond to your guests?

Responding to your guests can be time consuming, but it is certainly worth the effort. When you respond to reviews, positive and negative, you demonstrate that you care for your guests.

  • Limit the number of people who respond to reviews.
    Use the same person for review responses to keep the same tone and language.
  • Do not wait too long before responding to a review
    Responding to guest reviews within 72 hours is recommended. Wait any longer and you risk giving the impression that you don’t care about feedback or guest experience.
  • Acknowledge and apologize for any bad experience
    Always remain professional in your answers, especially for negative review. Say thank you for a positive review and reassure the guest about the actions you will take to solve the issue.

As long as you remain sincere, helpful and positive, your guests will know that you care about them and they will be more confident to book in your property.

Guest review
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Guests recent reviews

  • 2019/01/10 10:26


     92% Satisfied

    El wifi no funciona bien en la habitación 204.

     Gloria recommends this hotel

  • 2019/01/04 09:35

    Larissa Perroni

     96% Satisfied

    Amazing Hostel!

     Larissa Perroni recommends this hotel

  • 2018/12/26 06:59


     96% Satisfied

    Good would stay agin.😊

     Julia recommends this hotel

  • 2018/12/25 19:16


     100% Satisfied

    Très satisfait, merci !!!

     Xavier recommends this hotel

  • 2018/12/20 10:28


     80% Satisfied

    Nice modern hostel, friendly staff, great location. The only thing we found less appealing is the toilets. Only three toilets for a lot of rooms, meaning the toilets were usually not very clean, a long walk away, and/or occupied.

     Wikke recommends this hotel

  • 2018/12/17 05:03


     96% Satisfied

    The lift, a bit slow!

     DANIELLE recommends this hotel

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Thanks for the room with a view to Sacré Couer!!! If I travel to Paris again, I'll come back here!

Rating: 96

The location was perfect and the staff were really nice.

Rating: 88


Rating: 100

Mayor información de las zonas comunales para tener en cuenta y una mejora en el uso de las tarjetas para ingreso a las habitaciones, dado a que en las veces que intenté usarla no me permitía ingresar y siempre debía regresar a recepción y solicitar la activación.

Rating: 84

Très satisfait !!!

Rating: 100

i don't know why it's different with second night fee?!

Rating: 88

near metro station but breakfarst is simple

Rating: 84

Only downside was walls are quite thin so the first night I stayed, there was a group of Americans on the room next to us that had loud music on and they were partying until 3am!

Rating: 96

Perfect for my little business trip. If I have to come to Paris on business again I will certainly try Le Regent first Thanks guys Stephen

Rating: 96

We stayed in two persons private room and had a view to the Sacre Coeur (as I have requested). Really amazing! Bed was big and very good. Otherwice there's no much space in the room but when you have the view to the Sacre Coeur you really dont need much more 🙂 Location is really good since Montemarte is the most interesting area in Paris. Metro is close so as the supermarket and all the nice restaurants. Breakfast is only bread and jam (very good bread though) but not worth of 6 euros. Please note that when there's breakfast (7.30 - 10) you can't use the kitchen. It was a bit annoying since we had bought all the breakfast stuff and then couldn't use the kitchen. Well, understandable of course but still annoying 🙂 I felt that hostel is not very good for hanging out since there's no many (if any) windows so it felt sort of "closed"... But then again you are in Paris and want to see the city so why would you hang out at the hostel anyway. All in all we were very happy to stay here and would recommend it to everyone.

Rating: 92


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