Increase your revenue and be connected to the main online booking websites

Bookings on last minute websites, also known as OTA (Online Travel Agencies) such as,,,,,,, and many others … are very popular.

  • ChartsBeds integrates the main booking websites, thanks to it’s powerful Channel Management technology.
    You can subscribe to a large number of portals without worrying about maintenance.
  • Every day we increase the number of portals included in our solution and you can benefit from it.
  • If you want to connect to a specific portal, we can also install it for you.
  • WE set the connections for you
  • YOU manage your rates and availability
  • YOUR GUESTS make the reservations

A wide choice of OTA you can choose to connect with

  • ChartsBeds, is one of the very first property management software company to have developed a two-way interface with many third party booking websites.
  • We continuously extend our online capacity and the number of our connectors.
  • With more than 25 years of experience in the accommodation industry, ChartsBeds is now one of the most powerful Property Management Systems of the market. It is used by many experts in revenue and yield management around the world.

An extended connectivity

  • Our solution allows you to connect to many booking websites all over the world. If you want to be connected to a specific OTA, just let us know, we will make the connection for you.
  • ChartsBeds offers you a wide range of connectivity options to distribute your inventory on more than 30 booking channels.
  • With a powerful built-in Channel Manager, ChartsBeds can push all your inventory across all booking channels, resulting in maximum online exposure.
  • Every time you receive a reservation (online, by phone, by email or walk-in), ChartsBeds automatically updates the availability of your inventory on all booking websites.
  • Alternatively, our charts provide individual pricing options and rules such as rate parity and stop-sale rules, for each booking channel.

The main Hostels booking websites

The main Hotel booking websites

The main features of ChartsBeds
Channel Manager


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