The Channel is the way to increase your revenue

  • You no doubt know that bookings on ‘last minute’ internet sites also called OTA (for Online Travel Agency) such as,,,,,, and many other are hugely popular.
  • ChartsBeds interfaces to these, using our powerful Channel Manager technology. Our clients love the ease with which they can subscribe to a large number of portals without the struggle of maintaining them.
  • They love the increases in revenue that result! We’re adding to the number of portal interfaces all the time. Just ask us!
  • WE set the connections for you
  • YOU manage rates and availability
  • GUESTS make reservations

Main OTA you can choose to connect with

  • At Chartsbeds, we pride ourselves on being one of the very first property management software companies to build a two-way interface with various third party booking websites.
  • Since the early 1990s, we have been continuously expanding our online capability and connectors.
  • With over 25 years’ experience in the accommodation industry, Chartsbeds has become a very powerful property management system, used extensively by revenue & yield managers around the world.

Extensive connectivity

  • We offer XML / API Connectivity with worldwide booking websites and if you are interested to be connected to another OTA, jus ask us we’ll do the connection for you.
  • Chartsbeds provides an extensive connectivity choice for distributing inventory across 30+ booking channels.
  • With its powerful built-in Channel Manager, Chartsbeds can push all your inventory across all booking channels, resulting in maximum online exposure.
  • Whenever you receive a booking (online, phone, email or walk-in), Chartsbeds will automatically update your inventory across all booking websites.
  • Alternatively, Charts provides individual pricing options and rules such as rate parity, stop-sale rules, for each booking channel.

Major Hostel Booking Websites

Major Hotel Booking Websites

Main features of ChartsBeds Channel Manager


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