25 years’ experience in hotels Property Management System (PMS)

ChartsBeds, your business partner

ChartsBeds is more than just a hotels Property Management System (PMS). ChartsBeds is a global solution, allowing you to perform all the tasks required for your business, such as online booking, channels connections, management of your check-in and check-out, marketing analysis of your booking and customer data, management of your accounting and marketing strategies…

The most competitive solution

ChartsBeds, together with our support team, helps you to improve your market understanding, to save time, to track your occupancy rate and of course to increase your direct bookings at an incredible low price!

All the products you need in one easy-to-use solution

We are continually working to improve ChartsBeds, our all-in-one, hotels Property Management System (PMS)


After months of consultation with our customers, our team of developers and designers has created an awesome new PMS dashboard. We add new features permanently, which you can get all of them for FREE and for life. You just need to update the new versions of the PMS.

Say hello to your new dashboard!

All you need to run your business

Our all-in-one solution offers tools designed to meet the specific needs of your business.
Just tell us who you are and we will offer you the best solution suited to your needs.

ChartsBeds is the leader of the hotels Property Management System

ChartsBeds is the undisputed leader in Property Management System (PMS) software, especially towards many hostels around the world. Originally from the backpackers community, the founders of ChartsBeds have developed an all-in-one cloud based solution that is particularly adapted to the constraints and requirements of hoteliers who have to manage reservations per bed, per private room, dormitory and even by gender.

  • Management per bed and per private room
  • Management per gender
  • Management of dormitory

Our pricing is clear, simple and transparent

Some competitors prefer not to make their prices public.
We believe that transparency is key of success.

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